Medical Advice

We make no apologies for reminding you that the Kokoda Track is suitable only for physically fit and adventurous trekkers.  A thorough medical examination prior to departure and prepare is optional and may help you properly prepare for your trek. Advise your doctor that you are going to Papua New Guinea for 10 days and will be trekking on the Kokoda Track in the Owen Stanley Range. For insurance purposes you may be required to produce a Medical Certificate to certify that you are medically fit and capable of undertaking this very arduous activity.


There are no mandatory vaccinations for entry into PNG. However you should discuss this with your doctor and act on his recommendations.


Malaria is a major concern within PNG. Your doctor will prescribe necessary anti-malarial medication for you, but the best protection is to avoid being bitten. Repellant should be taken.  Another means of prevention is to sleep in your own mosquito-proof tent each night.

Medical Equipment

We have learned from experience that there are also various items you should bring with you to treat minor ailments or irritations.

These are the items we recommend you bring for your personal First Aid Kit. If you want, you can arrange to share some items with other trekkers in your party to reduce weight.

  • Anti-malaria tablets (as prescribed by your doctor)
  • Any personal medication (prescription or otherwise) that you need
  • Antiseptic cream or solution
  • Insect repellent (Note: Bushman is very strong and can cause irritation. Tropical strength RID may be better for those with sensitive skin)
  • Pain killers (whatever you normally use)
  • Blister kits as previously advised
  • Broad elastic bandage and safety pins
  • Leucoplast waterproof elastoplasts
  • Band-aids
  • Anti-histamine cream and/or tablets
  • Sunscreen

If you are in any doubt about whether to take a particular item of medication on the Track or need general advice about what to buy, please call Lore and Tim on 0455 031 700 and they will be pleased to help.