Subsequent to the Glockeman pump not being suitable at this village a decision was made to install a gravity fed system. This was completed in October 2007. This entailed paying 10 porters to carry 600 meters of piping from Owers Corners to Ioribaiwa. The fittings for the system were purchased in Cairns and carried with our party to the village.

Jim Armstrong kindly donated his time to help install both systems at Ioribaiwa and Iora Creek. Jim is a fellow Vietnam Veteran having been a member of the 4th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment that served in Vietnam during 1971-72.

The villagers were very enthusiastic about the project and everybody turned out to assist. Eventually after working out the water levels by the simplest of methods, one tap and one shower were installed.

The shriek of excitement by the youngsters of the village when the shower was turned on made all the efforts of this project worthwhile.

Addition to Ioribaiwa

On each subsequent trip the village chief, Elso, requested, further taps and showers.
So each trip we took out more piping and fittings. By October 2008, we had installed three taps and three showers. We also installed an inline valve so that the flow between the village and the camp area can be controlled.
In all 800 meters of piping was used.