This is a typical Kokoda Track itinerary and is subject to change during the trek as conditions dictate. For example, one day’s trekking may be shortened and another lengthened. The overall duration and distance of the trek won’t change.

Day 1 (5-hour walk)

  • Depart Cairns International Airport at 6.45 am and arrive at Port Moresby at 8.55 am. Here you will meet your guide and porters.
  • After boarding your bus, you will travel to Bomana War Cemetery where you will stop briefly before proceeding to Owers’ Corner. There is usually a photo stop on the way at McDonald’s Corner.
  • At Owers’ Corner you will complete your final preparations which include loading your pack with rations and other essential supplies.
  • Your guide will lead you on the climb down to the Goldie River before climbing the Golden Stairs to Imita Ridge. After a rest stop here, you descend to Ua-Ule Creek for the first night’s stop.

Day 2 (7.5-hour walk)

  • Day two starts early with breakfast and a “cuppa”. If the “cuppa” doesn’t wake you, then the 23 creek crossings along the way will. We wend our way along beautiful running creeks before climbing up to Ioribaiwa.
  • At Ioribaiwa village, the most southern point of the Japanese advance in 1942, you can usually buy fresh fruit.
  • After a short stop we trek on to  Ofi Creek for our overnight stay

 Day 3 (6-hour walk)

  • The first challenge of Day 3 is the Maguli Range after which we have a long downhill slope to Nauro village for lunch.
  •  A stroll along fairly flat swampy ground will take us to the banks of the Brown River where, depending upon timing we can have a swim.
  • After our swim its a short walk to our overnight campsite at Five Rivers, a beautiful spot nestling in the shadows of the Wall.

Day 4 (6-hour walk)

  • An early morning will see us straight into the steep ascent of the Wall up the Nauro Saddle. We’ll then descend to the beautiful village of Menari where fresh fruit and vegetables always seem available.
  • We then have to tackle the challenging climb to Brigade Hill, the scene of one of the biggest battles of the Kokoda Campaign. There is a memorial here and the group stops to pay tribute to the 84 Australian soldiers killed in this area.
  • From Brigade Hill there is a sharp descent to Efogi 1 Village, followed by a steep climb to Efogi 2. Depending on the mood of the group, you stay either at Efogi 1 or Efogi 2.
  • During the day you can look ahead, across the valley, to Kagi Village.

 Day 5 (5-hour walk)

  • An interesting part of today’s walk is the moss that hangs from the trees. This part of the jungle allows very little light to filter through the canopy.
  • Time permitting, you can walk to the airdrop zone in Myola, where you will witness the remains of a crashed American plane and also a large unexploded bomb.
  • After passing through Kagi village, you reach the campsite for the night, the “1900 Camp”.

Day 6 (6-hour walk)

  • Today you walk over Mount Bellamy, which at 2190 meters elevation, is nearly as high as Mount Kosciusko (2223 meters). From here, Kokoda Gap, you can look down through the mountains to the area of Kokoda.
  • You continue the trek and pass through Templeton’s Crossing 1 and Templeton’s Crossing 2, and on to Eora Creek, the site of three days’ vicious fighting. You can stand in Japanese gun pits and imagine the difficulties the Australians had in dislodging the enemy.
  • Again, depending on the mood of the group, you stay at either of the Templeton’s Crossings or Eora Creek.

Day 7 (4-hour walk)

  • Today you follow and cross Eora Creek a number of times, and then tackle a steep climb to Alola Village.
  • At Alola, the villagers will supply you with beautiful fruit and vegetables. In the village, you should also visit the small “museum” with war relics.
  • After a meal here you head to Isurava and the Memorial, and contemplate the battle here which was so critical to the Kokoda Campaign.
  • Here you will also stand on the site where Private Bruce Kingsbury was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his courageous actions.

Day 8 (5-hour walk)

  • Early in the morning we commemorate the men of Kokoda, both Australian and Papuan, at a ceremony at the Isurava Memorial.  There will be barely a dry eye after this service which is moving in a very beautiful place.
  • This is your last day on the Kokoda Track. You trek through the mountains to Deniki where the panoramic view of the Yodda Valley is magnificent!
  • After a can of Coke you tackle the last major descent to Hoi Village where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the stream – which is not cold like the mountain streams.
  • At Hoi, you will enjoy local cooked food – similar to our sausage rolls – and a great variety of fruit, including watermelon, pineapple, coconut, pawpaw.
  • After eating, you load up your “loving packs” for the final time and head for Kokoda. Don’t be misled when you reach Kovelo Village. You are still approximately 40 minutes from Kokoda.

Day 9

  • From your guest house there is a 25-minute walk to the Kokoda Terminal for the short flight to Port Moresby and your connecting international flight to Cairns.
  • During the day an alternative activity is a short bus trip around Port Moresby, including possible visits to the Boroko Markets and the PNG Parliament House.
  • You arrive back in Cairns at approximately 7 pm.

Please note the trek is long with conditions changing and trekkers ability varying enormously along the track. The above is a guide only and often camp sites change from trip to trip.