Trek Dates

We are very flexible with dates. The day we leave is normally governed by the airline schedules. The trips leave Cairns on an early flight and return on a late flight out of Port Moresby eight days later. Weekend flights normally do not suit which means we can leave Cairns Mondays to Thursdays.

Trek Dates for 2017/2018


June 26th to 4th July – 2017 _ Open Group, Spots available.


Mid July – 2017 _ Open Group, Spots available.


Tollley Group – August 2017 _ Closed Group


ANZAC Day Trek – 2018 _ Open Group, Spots available.


June / July – 2018 _  Open Group, Spots available.






Please note trip dates may change slightly due to suit flight availability and other unforeseen circumstances. The final dates will be confirmed just prior to flights being booked and advised appropriately.